How to Check Internet Speed in Windows XP

By Erika Dean

If you run Windows XP on your computer and are wondering how fast your Internet is, you can easily check the speed. You may need to know how fast your Internet is if you're considering a telecommuting position or if an online game you want to play requires a minimum Internet speed. You only need to access the Control Panel on your computer to get started.

Step 1

Open the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel." The Control Panel will open in a new window.

Step 2

Double-click "Network Connections" from the list of Control Panel items. The Network Connections window will open. You can view a list of the available Internet connections here, as well as run the Internet Connection Wizard.

Step 3

Double-click over the Internet connection that says "Connected" under the connection name. The Internet connection status window will open.

Step 4

Look at the "Internet Gateway" section of the status window to view the Internet speed for your computer. For example, next to "Speed" you may see "100 mbps." This means your connection is 100 megabits per second.