How to Check the Ink Level on an HP Inkjet Printer

by Jeff Grundy

Ink cartridges in HP inkjet printers usually contain enough ink to print a few hundred grayscale or color documents before you need to change them. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to have a couple of spare cartridges on hand just in case one runs out of ink during the middle of a print job. If you use your HP printer only occasionally, it might not be necessary to keep a stockpile of cartridges, but you should still monitor ink levels in the printer so you know when to buy a replacement. Checking the ink level in an HP printer is relatively simple and there are a couple ways of doing it depending on the model you own.

Printing a Test Page


Click the Windows Start button, then "Devices and Printers."


Select the device name of your HP printer in the Printers and Faxes section and right-click it to display a pop-up menu. Click "Printer Properties" on the pop-up menu.


Click the "Print Test Page" button in the Printer Properties window. After a few seconds, an HP test page prints from the printer that displays driver properties for the unit as well as a test pattern and current ink levels.

Using the HP Tool Box


Click the "HP Tool Box" icon on the Windows desktop or in the Quick Launch taskbar.


Click the "Status" button or link in the HP Printer Toolbox window, then wait a few seconds for the diagram in the window to refresh and display the current ink levels for each cartridge.


Close the HP Toolbox window.


  • If you have the HP Printer Toolbox or another HP print utility installed on your computer, use it to check ink levels instead of printing a test page, as this method does not require you use up valuable ink.

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