How to Check Hidden Tweets

By Will Conley

Twitter users can hide their tweets by setting their profiles to
i Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Twitter lets users publish tweets for the general public to read. You don't need a Twitter account to view public tweets, but you do need one to view hidden or "protected" tweets. Even then, you can't view those tweets until the user specifically grants you permission to do so. The only way to check hidden tweets on Twitter is to visit the writer's Twitter profile and request permission to follow that user. You can do so with a few clicks.

Step 1

Open a browser on your computer, log in to your Twitter account and navigate to the Twitter profile of a person whose hidden tweets you want to check. This displays the user's profile, but none of the tweets.

Step 2

Click the "Send Follow Request" button under the avatar of the protected Twitter user's profile. This sends a request to the user both via email and on the Twitter website. The user can then approve or deny the follow request.

Step 3

Click the avatar of the person whose hidden tweets you want to check, if the avatar appears in your "Following" list on Twitter. This list displays all of your followers' tweets. If you don't see the avatar, the person hasn't approved your follow request yet and you can't check his hidden tweets.