How to Check if Google Analytics Is Installed Correctly

by Steve Gregory

An important part of running a website is tracking the visitors coming to your site. Knowing where your visitors are coming from, what time of the day they are visiting, how long they stay and how many visit your site, are metrics you can use to improve your website. Google offers website owners a free tracking service called Google Analytics that you can use to get detailed reports about your site's visitors. However, if you are not receiving data after setting up the service, check the tracking code on your website to make sure it is properly installed.

Sign in to your Google Analytics account, then click the name of your website in the "Accounts" column. Check the Status column in the Website Profiles summary table. If the Status column displays a green tick icon, the tracking code is properly installed and Google Analytics is working on your website. If a yellow warning icon is displayed in the Status column, the tracking code is not properly installed. If a clock icon is displayed, the tracking code is detected on your website but the data is not yet populating the Analytics reports.

Check the "View Source" feature on your Web browser. Launch Internet Explorer and go to your website. Click "Page" and select "View Source" from the drop-down list. The View Source window opens displaying the code on the page. If the Google Analytics tracking code is installed correctly, it appears in front of the "</body>" tag in the page's code. Your Google Analytics account number is displayed in the tracking code.

Launch Internet Explorer and go to your website. Check the pages on the site to make sure the Google Analytics code is not displayed on a page as text. Some Web design programs may place the tracking code as regular text on your page. If it is placed on the page as text, it is not installed correctly. Paste the code into "Source" view on the Web design application to correctly install the code.

Check your Google Analytics account 24 hours after installing the tracking code. Data appears in your account once the tracking code is installed correctly and your website is receiving visitors. If data is not populating the Analytics reports after 24 hours, the tracking code is not installed properly.

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