How to Check Folder Sizes in cPanel

By Kathryn Hatter

Manage data on a website through cPanel.
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Creating and managing a website involves creating data and code, which you then upload to a platform that enables you to manage the data. CPanel is a hosting platform that provides an easy to use interface for both the novice and the expert website administrator. Once you access your cPanel account, you can utilize the file manager to manage your files and folders. Check folder sizes in cPanel within the file manager.

Open your Internet browser. Enter the URL for your website into the browser address field, adding a forward slash and then "cpanel." You will see a window prompt asking for your user name and password. If you do not have this information, contact your webhost -- most webhosts provide these credentials in a welcome package you would have received when you initially paid for your webhost package. Entering your credentials will gain you access to the control panel menu of your website.

Scroll down through the cPanel menu to find the "Files" section. Beneath this section, click "File Manager." Select the "Home" directory and click "Go."

View the list of files and folders in the home directory of your website. You will see a detailed list of each file and folder under the "Name" column of the table. To the right of each file and folder, you will see a "Size" column with the size of each item listed in the table.

Double-click on any file or folder to open it. You can then see the size of each item inside the file or folder by looking at the "Size" column.