How to Check Email on Outlook Express

by Jamie Lisse

Outlook Express is an email management program that was created for the home user. It is similar to Outlook, which was created for the business user. While Outlook comes as part of Microsoft Office, Outlook Express is a free version that comes standard on computers running the Windows operating system. It is meant to work seamlessly with Internet Explorer. Outlook Express stores email messages on your computer instead of on a server, which is what Outlook does.


Open Outlook Express on your computer by clicking "Start," "All Programs" and "Outlook Express." Some computers may also have an icon on the taskbar for Outlook Express that you can simply click on to open.


Click on "Inbox" from the left panel of the Outlook Express screen to be taken directly to the email inbox.


Press the "Send/Receive" button on the Outlook Express toolbar to check for new messages. While Outlook Express automatically searches for new messages when you open it, you can do this periodically to check for new email since you opened the program.

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