How to Check DSL Usage

by Hollan Johnson

DSL, or digital subscriber line, companies offer broadband Internet connections using already existing phone lines, according to the University of Illinois. If you don't have unlimited DSL usage with your DSL service provider, checking your DSL usage will keep you from going over your allotted bandwidth per month. If you do go over your allotted bandwidth, you may be charged fees or your service may be suspended.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser and go to the DSL company's website from which you get your service. Select the "Check DSL Usage" link.

Step 2

Enter your username and password or account number and PIN for your DSL account. Click "Submit," "Show Usage" or "Log In."

Click on the current month to see your DSL usage. It should tell you how much bandwidth you have left and how much you have already used.


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