How to Check a Digital Signature

By Lyan Uaha

Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and XP allow you to easily check the authenticity of digital signature files stored on your computer using the File Signature Verification utility. A digital signature is an electronic security code that can be used to verify the genuineness of an electronic file. It can also be used to verify if a file has changed since its creation.

Click "Start" and then type "Run" in the search box. Click "Run."

Type "sigverif" in the Run dialog box that opens and then click "OK."

Click "Advanced" on the File Signature Verification dialog box that opens in Windows XP and then click the "Search" tab. If you are using Windows 7/Vista, skip to step 5.

Click to select either "Notify me if any system files are not signed" or "Look for other files that are not digitally signed" option and then click "OK."

Click the "Start" button. This will start the checking process and will complete in some time depending on the number of files to be checked.