How to Check Your CPU Temperature in Vista

By Daniel Hatter

Temperature Gauge
i temperature dial image by Robert Kelly from

Included in all released versions of Windows Vista, Microsoft's Windows sidebar has a number of pre-installed gadgets. The real-time updating gadgets in the sidebar make it possible for users to get information such as weather, news updates, stock prices, calendar and time, Facebook updates and much more delivered right to their desktop. Keeping up to date on your CPU temperature is made simple with the Windows sidebar, as one of the free downloadable gadgets has a built-in CPU temperature gauge.

Step 1

Visit the Windows Vista sidebar CPU gadget Web page (see resource section for link). Click on the "Download" button, then select "Open with Windows Sidebar (default)" and click "OK." Click "Install" when the security warning pops up onscreen. The gadget will now position itself at the top of your sidebar.

Step 2

Hover your mouse over the gadget, then click on the wrench button. You will now be taken to the gadget's customization menu.

Step 3

Next to "WinRing0 Driver Status," click "Install Driver." This will install the driver necessary for the gadget to get the CPU temperature. Click "OK" once the installation is complete. Your CPU temperature will now display in the gadget.