How to Check the CPU Temperature Online

By Chelsea Baldwin

Use software found online to monitor your CPU temperature.
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If your CPU temperature gets too high, you could damage your computer or cause it to shut down automatically. Often times, the CPU temperature rises from running too many processes at the same time. Keeping an eye on your CPU temperature will give you clues about what causes the temperature to rise and which programs you should and should not run at the same time. While you can't check your CPU temperature directly from the Internet, you can find some great software downloads to check it from your desktop, some of which are free.

Step 1

Select a CPU Temperature checking software that fits your computer and preferences. Make sure the software you select fits with your computer's operating system and available memory usage.

Step 2

Read through the user agreement if the site has one before downloading the latest version of the software. Make sure you understand the ways in which you are and are not allowed to use the software.

Step 3

Click "Download" or other similar button and follow the on-screen prompts throughout the software installation process. Once the download completes and you have the program saved in a easy-to-find location on your computer, restart your computer to finalize the installation.

Step 4

Launch the CPU temperature-checking program and set your preferences. With some programs, you can choose to constantly display the temperature in your taskbar, or you could choose to simply display the temperature when you open the program.