How to Check Cookies on a Computer

by Anthony King

Computer cookies are data files stored on your computer by various websites you visit. Information that you give the web site, such as your log-in name, preferences or recent activity are all stored so that the next time you visit the site, that information is already there for you. There are two different types of computer cookies. Temporary ones are stored only until you log out while permanent ones are always stored on your computer's hard drive. Being able to check your computer's cookies can allow you to customize which cookies you would like to keep and which ones you do not.

Click "Start" located at the bottom left side of you computer's Desktop. Select "My Computer."

Double click "C-Drive" in My Computer window. This opens another window with a list of folders. Double click the folder titled "Documents and Settings."

Open up either the "All Users" folder to see cookies from every user name on the computer, or just your personal user name's folder to view only your own cookies.

Double click the folder labeled "Cookies" from the next window that opens. A thumbnail view of all the separate cookie files stored on your computer will be shown alphabetically. Double click one to see its details.

Delete all or some of your cookies by holding down the right mouse button and highlighting the ones you wish to delete. Then either press the "Delete" key on the keyboard or right click your mouse again and select "Delete." You will then need to go to and empty your computer's recycling bin to delete the files permanently.

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