How to Check the Connection Status of DirecTV (3 Steps)

By Shelby Winchell

i IT Stock Free/Polka Dot/Getty Images

DirecTV is a form of satellite television that has hundreds of channels ranging from local programming, sports, movies and music channels. Your receiver must be connected to the DirecTV network in order for it to work properly. When connected, it can update information in the viewing guide, find the latest movies available for purchase and keep track of the latest changes made to the satellite service. You can connect your DirecTV to the network either through an active phone line or through a wireless Internet connection.

Step 1

Hit the "menu" button on the DirecTV remote control to check the connection status. This button is located in the middle of the remote, above the red, green, yellow and blue buttons.

Step 2

Select "help and settings" and then "setup" to check the connection status.

Step 3

Select "network" and then "test connection" to get a connection status update. DirecTV will then start communicating with the network. If the receiver is not connected, you will receive an error message saying there's a problem with the connection status.