How to Check a Computer IP Address

by Adam Crowson

Checking a computer's IP address is simple and something everyone who uses the Internet should know how to do. The IP (Internet Protocol) address is an identification number assigned to any computer that accesses the Internet. Simply put, every time you access a website, the site logs your IP address to show you've visited the site. There are two main ways to check an IP address, either through the command shell or through accessing the Local Area Network Connection.

Command Shell


Click on the "Start" menu, then click on "Run."


Type "cmd." This will open the command shell. Then type "ipconfig."


You IP address will be revealed as well as your subnet mask, default gateway and Internet service provider.

Local Area Network Connection


Double click the "Local Area Network Connection" on your desktop or in the "Taskbar" to the right of the clock.


Click the "Support" tab on the "Local Area Connection Status" window.


Look under "Connection Status" to see the IP address.

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