How to Check Atlantic Broadband Voicemail from Another Location

By Andrew Todd

With Atlantic Broadband, you don't have to be home to check your messages.
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Atlantic Broadband, which is the 15th largest cable provider in the United States, is a privately held company that offers broadband Internet, digital cable and digital telephone to its customers. The company has coverage areas in Florida, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina and Central Pennsylvania. One of the features included with Atlantic Broadband's digital telephone service is free voice mail, which allows callers to leave an audio message if you do not answer your phone. There are two ways to check your voicemail, either from your Atlantic Broadband phone, or from a different location.

Step 1

Dial your telephone number from another telephone.

Step 2

Press the "#" button when you hear the greeting to bypass it.

Step 3

Enter your personal identification number (PIN) when prompted, then press the "#" button.

Step 4

Press "1" to listen to your new messages.