How to Check for Antivirus Programs on My PC

By Kefa Olang

Windows Security Center is a control panel that allows you to improve your PC's security. It allows you to determine the installation of an anti-virus program, and its status. With the rise in computer threats, running an anti-virus program on your PC decreases the chances of contracting viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malicious parasites. Check for anti-virus programs on your PC, and install a free program if you do not have one.

Click the Windows "Start" menu and click the "Control Panel."

Click the "Security" link and click the "Security Center" link to launch the Security Center.

Locate the "Malware Protection" section under "Security Essentials." If you see "ON," it means you have anti-virus program installed on your computer. If you see "Off," your computer is not protected.

Download and install a free anti-virus program such as Avast or AVG. After completing the installation, go back to the Security Center and verify your anti-virus program is on.