How to Check Your Answering Machine on Your Home Phone

By Pilar Ethridge

Answering machines are one of life's many conveniences.
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There's no reason why you should miss an important phone call while you're away from home. Unfortunately, you might not be able to afford a personal secretary or assistant. For this very reason, answering machines were invented. Once it's installed, callers can leave you voice messages that you can play back at your convenience. That way, whenever you're unable to answer the phone, you won't miss out on a friend's or colleague's urgent message.

Step 1

Find the button that controls playback on your answering machine. It might be as simple as the push of a "Play" button. Or, you might need to dial a code from your phone's handset.

Step 2

Listen closely to your recorded messages one by one. Using pen and paper, jot down the names of those with whom you'd like to correspond. Oftentimes, callers will leave a phone number or other contact information. Once you're ready to return calls, you can refer back to your list of notes.

Step 3

Save or delete messages after listening to them. Your answering machine might have the memory capacity to store several recorded messages, but you should hang on to those that contain important information. If there are several people in your household who use the same phone line, you can save voice messages that are for the others.

Step 4

Check your answering machine messages while you're away from home by setting up remote access on the answering machine itself. You'll have to choose a remote access code that's similar to a password. When you're away, dial your own phone number and wait for the answering machine to pick up. During the greeting, press the "*" button, enter your remote access code, and follow the instructions for listening to your messages.