How Do I Check AIM Mail?

By Matt Koble

Yes, "you've got mail." No, it's not still 1997.
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When you create a screenname for AIM, you automatically create an "" email address. While your AIM screenname is your default email address, it's still considered AOL Mail instead of AIM Mail. You can check AOL Mail from either within AIM or via your Web browser.

Connecting AOL Mail to AIM

Even though your AIM screen name is your AOL email address, the AIM program isn't automatically connected to your email address. Log in to AIM and select "Connect AOL Mail" in the sidebar, where you also have the option to connect Facebook, Twitter and other accounts. Click "Allow" to confirm your request. Click the new "AOL" icon to view your AOL Mail notifications.

Via Web Browser

Navigate to the AOL Mail website (see link in Resources). Sign in using your AIM information, just as you would sign in to that program. Provided your sound is on and you've got new messages, you'll hear AOL's classic "You've Got Mail" jingle. Feel free to refresh the window a few times to bask in the "You've Got Mail" glory. Select "Inbox" to see your new messages. Once you've opened a message, use the toolbar to reply, forward, delete or complete a number of other functions.