How to Chat on Bearshare

by Contributor

Bearshare has become part of the IM craze by offering it as a new feature in their Bearshare 6 version. Use these steps to learn how to chat on Bearshare and find friends in your community.

Step 1

Create an account with Bearshare. The account is free and the information to register is pretty standard to any community type site. You will create a username and password and fill in information about yourself.

Step 2

Download Bearshare. Bearshare is a fully interactive application program that allows you to chat with friends and download music, videos and other files. To do this you must download their software onto your hard drive.

Step 3

Meet new friends. Click on the "Community" link and check out other Bearshare users. To find friends interested in the same music as you, look on your favorite artist page; there is a list of online fans on each one.

Add friends and chat with them when they are online. You add and chat with friends much like you would with any IM program. You also can send friends songs and see their current playlist.


  • You can block users you no longer want to chat with and change any personal settings anytime you wish.
  • Never give out personal information to someone you are chatting with online.

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