How to Charge a Zune Without the Charger

by Irene A. Blake

A red low battery icon will appear on your Zune MP3 player's display as its rechargeable battery begins to lose power. The screen may even turn black if the battery drains to the point that it doesn't have enough charge to power the device. In either situation, you must recharge the battery to continue using Zune. You can charge it using a charger; or you can charge it via the Zune USB Sync cable through another device that has a high-power USB port.

Step 1

Insert the large USB Sync cable plug into the USB port on your Zune.

Step 2

Push the smaller plug into a high-power USB port on the back of your computer, Xbox 360 console or other device and then wait approximately three hours or longer for the battery to charge completely. A charging battery icon will appear on the lower-right area of the display or, if the battery is drained, across the entire screen.

Look for the green fully charged battery icon on the display after three hours. If your Zune has charged completely, unplug the Sync cable. If it still hasn't charged completely, check that the cable connections are secure and continue to wait.


  • If your Zune player doesn't charge after eight hours, contact Microsoft Zune technical support online or by phone for assistance with troubleshooting the device


  • Microsoft Corporation advises against using lower-powered USB ports. Usually ports are on the sides or front of a computer, the computer keyboard or a USB hub.
  • Never charge your player with the computer in standby or sleep mode.
  • Charging takes longer if you use your computer or your Zune while trying to charge the battery. In addition, it takes longer if any Zune software is open on your computer during the charging cycle.

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