How to Charge a Polaroid PoGo Printer

by Irene A. Blake

The Polaroid PoGo printer is a pocket-sized, instant photo printer that creates one 2-by-3-inch, borderless, color, sticky-back image from a phone or digital camera approximately every 60 seconds. The printer's power comes from a removable lithium-ion rechargeable battery or a wall outlet via an AC adapter charger. When using the battery, the Power/Battery LED on the right side of the device will change from solid green to solid orange indicating that the battery has a low charge, or to solid red indicating that the battery has no charge. Recharging the battery requires that you use the AC adapter.

Step 1

Connect the AC adapter charger cable to the AC adapter port on the left side of your Polaroid PoGo instant mobile printer.

Step 2

Plug the adapter into a wall outlet. If the printer is functioning correctly, the Power/Battery LED will begin blinking orange indicating that the battery is charging.

Step 3

Wait for the LED to blink green in approximately 2.5 hours indicating that the battery has charged completely.

Unplug the charger from your PoGo printer and the outlet.


  • Never use non-Polaroid chargers with your PoGo printer.
  • It may take longer than 2.5 hours for the printer battery to charge completely. Using the printer when charging the battery will extend the time it takes to charge.

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