How to Charge New Cell Phone Batteries

by Irene A. Blake
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Although new cell phone batteries can have a slight charge when purchased, this is usually from quality control testing—most batteries ship uncharged and require a full day, or at least overnight, charging before use. Thankfully, manufacturers have designed cell phone batteries and battery chargers for quick and easy charging in a “3-cycle” charging process that helps you to condition your batteries to work at the highest possible level of performance.

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Select a charging method, as you can charge new cell phone batteries--depending on the manufacturer's preferences or design specs--a wide variety of ways. Put your battery or batteries inside your phone and charge with a direct line AC power supply cord that plugs into your phone and an electrical wall socket; or place the phone in a phone charger; or insert the battery/batteries directly into a battery-only charger.

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Charge the batteries using your chosen method. If charging the battery/batteries inside your cell phone, turn the phone off before charging unless otherwise directed by any manufacturer’s instructions. Charge your cell phone for 12 to 24 hours depending on the type of battery your phone uses and/or the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries require a longer charging period than Li-ION (Lithium Ion) batteries.

Drain your battery/batteries completely and recharge to prep the battery/batteries to accept regular future charges at the highest optimal storage capacity possible. Use your phone after charging until it no longer works, or simply leave it turned on to completely drain the battery/batteries, then recharge. Repeat at least one more draining/charging cycle afterward to guarantee complete battery conditioning.


  • Always charge your cell phone battery/batteries at least 12 to 24 hours, depending on battery type, to guarantee a full initial charge even if your phone shows that the battery has charged after only a few hours—new batteries can show incorrect charge levels during and after charging.
  • Never charge batteries in a hot car as heat can cause batteries to rupture, burn or explode. In addition, never charge damaged batteries as damaged batteries can rupture, burn or explode while charging.


  • If your cell phone doesn't turn on after 12 to 24 hours of charging or the battery indicator doesn't show a charge, don't worry—this is completely normal with new cell phone batteries. Continue charging an additional 12 before attempting to use. If the problem persists after the additional charge, contact your cell phone sales representative as you may have a phone issue or bad battery/batteries.


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