How to Charge a Laptop Battery for the First Time

By Art Corvelay

Laptop batteries should be charged properly.
i laptop image by Ewe Degiampietro from

One of the most vital components of any laptop computer is the battery. You can purchase a laptop with a powerful processor and other top-of-the-line hardware, but if you don't properly care for the battery, the laptop is quickly rendered useless. When you first purchase a new laptop or laptop battery, make sure you charge it properly the first time.

Insert the battery into the battery slot of your laptop if it didn't come with the battery already inserted. This slot is typically located on the underside or back of your laptop.

Plug your laptop into a power source and allow the battery to charge to 100%. Most laptop batteries come discharged, or empty, and should be fully charged before use. Sometimes the battery indicator will show 100% after only a few minutes. If this happens, turn your computer off, remove the battery and attempt to charge the battery again.

Discharge the battery fully. Simply turn your computer on and disconnect the power source. Don't turn it off until the battery is completely discharged. Allow the laptop to shut down by itself.

Recharge your battery fully again. After the battery is fully charged, it has been calibrated once.

Repeat the calibration process two or three more times. Your laptop battery is now charged correctly.