Do You Charge the Kindle Before Turning It On?

By James Wright

Proper battery care means longer battery life and more battery cycles before failure.
i David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Most new battery-powered devices will tell you to charge them completely before using them the first time, and the Kindle is no exception. While the Kindle uses a special type of battery that requires less priming and special care, it has its limitations; turning it on before charging it will likely not cause extensive damage, but proper care of your Kindle's battery can make it last much longer.

Kindle Battery

The Kindle uses a lithium polymer battery, which is used in many portable devices for its small size and long battery life. Unlike other batteries, such as nickel cadmium, it does not need to be primed or charged for a certain time before its first use. However, overcharging -- keeping it plugged in at full charge -- or discharging it too much can quickly ruin the battery. It also needs to be stored at half charge, which is why new devices are partially charged when they're shipped.

Charging and Care

When you receive your Kindle for the first time, plug it in and charge it completely before turning it on. While turning it on right away won't cause severe damage to the battery, you won't be able to use it for long, and discharging it too quickly can cause minor damage from the start. If your Kindle is exposed to extreme heat or cold, wait for it to return to room temperature before charging or using it. If you need to store your Kindle for any reason, wait until the battery is at 60 to 70 percent charge before storing; if it is charged or discharged too much, long-term damage can occur.