How to Charge a Cell Phone From a 6-Volt Battery (4 Steps)

By William Kinsey

Most 5-volt cell phones can be charged with a 6-volt lantern battery.
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Charging a cell phone with a 6-volt battery can be done, but it depends on the power requirement of the phone. Cell phones come with a wide range of power requirements. Some phones use 3.6 volts, 5.0 volts or more. A 6-volt battery is best suited for a cell phone requiring 5.0 volts. This minimizes the number of extra electronic components needed to connect the battery and the cell phone. Use the old cell phone charger for parts.

Step 1

Take the old cell phone charger and cut the wire about 12 inches from the cell phone connector end of the charger. Throw away the transformer end that plugs into a wall outlet. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation off the ends of the electrical wire.

Step 2

Locate the positive wire. The positive wire usually has a white stripe on it. The remaining wire is the negative wire.

Step 3

Connect the positive wire to the positive terminal of the 6-volt battery by wrapping the stripped end around the positive terminal of the battery. Connect the negative wire to the negative terminal of the battery the same way.

Step 4

Plug the cell phone connector end of the wire into the cell phone. Check the cell phone battery status indicator to verify that the cell phone is charging.