How to Charge a Casio Camera Without a Charger

By Jeff Grundy

Your Casio offers many options for keeping charged and ready to capture fleeting moments.
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Casio digital cameras provide an affordable way for users to capture high-resolution photo memories of places they visit or people they meet. Although not as expensive as models from some other manufacturers, Casio digital cameras take good quality pictures and offer many convenient and advanced features. Once such feature allows you to charge the camera using your PC or laptop. Even if you don’t have the camera charger handy, you can still charge the device using the same USB data cable you use to transfer pictures to the computer.

Step 1

Power off the Casio digital camera.

Step 2

Connect the large, flat end of a USB data cable to an empty USB port on your desktop or laptop computer.

Step 3

Open the port cover door on the side of the Casio digital camera. Connect the small mini-plug end of the data cable to the "USB/AV" port. After you connect the data cable to the camera, the LED light on the rear of the camera should turn red and remain lit during the charging process.

Step 4

Disconnect the USB data cable from the camera and the PC after the back lamp LED on the rear of the camera turns off. Once the back lamp LED turns off, charging is complete.