How to Charge Your Battery for MP3 Players

By Andrew Smith

Charge the battery of an MP3 player
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The battery of an MP3 player will drain whenever the device is turned on and more rapidly while you use the player. The battery for the MP3 player will need to be charged occasionally to prevent the battery from dying. Just like iPods, generic MP3 players can be charged using any computer that is running. The battery of an MP3 player can also be charged by utilizing a special charger made for portable media players.

By computer

Turn the computer on. Leave the computer on and make sure that it doesn't power down or fall into "sleep mode."

Plug the MP3 player cord into the player. This cord will be plugged into the USB cord port located on the player. The size and location of the port will vary based upon which MP3 player you own.

Connect the other end of your MP3 player cord into one of the computer's open USB ports. The MP3 player battery will charge.

Using MP3 charger

Plug the electronic MP3 player charger into any working electrical outlet.

Plug the MP3 player cord into the device as described in step 2 of section 1.

Connect the USB end of the MP3 player cable to the charger's USB port. The MP3 player should begin charging.