How to Watch Different Channels on Different Sets with DIRECTV Satellite TV

by Contributor

DIRECTV offers the flexibility of receiving satellite TV channels on more than one TV. In a nutshell, you can receive DIRECTV on different sets in your home. Thus, you can watch different channels on different TV sets. However, to do so you would have to buy one receiver per TV. Here's how you can watch different channels in different sets with DIRECTV.

Step 1

Call DIRECTV customer service or visit the DIRECTV Web site to order additional receiver(s) for your TV(s). If you are an existing DIRECTV customer, DIRECTV offers the secondary receiver and every additional receiver as a low monthly cost. You can take advantage of this offer by either logging in to the Web site or letting the customer care representative know that you are an existing customer.

Step 2

Choose an appropriate receiver (from standard or HD receivers) for every additional TV. Complete the payment procedure to get additional receivers.

Step 3

Once you have the additional receiver(s), connect them to the same land based phone line as the primary receiver. The programming information from the primary receiver's access card will be copied to all additional access cards.

You can now watch different channels on different TV sets. Note that the programming package will be the same as that ordered for the primary receiver.


  • Check out deals for additional receivers. For all packages, DIRECTV offers a low monthly rate for additional receivers.
  • You can also order different programming packages on different TVs. However, in such cases you would have to pay a full monthly subscription per additional package.


  • Ensure that all receivers are connected to the same phone based land line. DIRECTV monitors the connection frequently. If any of the receivers are not connected to the same line, service for that receiver will be discontinued immediately.

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