How to Channel Search on a Panasonic Viera

By Nick Peers

The stored channels are not deleted when you turn off the TV.
i Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your Panasonic Viera television can automatically scan for available channels, and then store them in its internal memory as soon as it finds them. It can store hundreds of channels, and you can then rearrange and even delete some of them to suit your viewing needs. The Viera can also block access to specific channels; consult the manual that came with the device for information about this feature.

Step 1

Turn on the Panasonic Viera by pressing the "Power" button on the TV or on the remote.

Step 2

Press the "Menu" button on the remote to display the main menu on the TV.

Step 3

Highlight the "Setup" option by pressing the down button on the remote repeatedly. Press "OK" to enter the Setup menu.

Step 4

Highlight the "Program Channel" option, and then press "OK" to enter the Program Channel menu.

Step 5

Press the right or left remote button to select "Cable" or "Antenna" in the ANT In box. Select "Cable" if you have cable television; otherwise, select "Antenna."

Step 6

Press the down button to select "Auto," and then press "OK."

Step 7

Press "OK" again to start searching for both digital and analog channels. To search only for analog or digital channels, select "Analog only" or "Digital only." The process may take about eight to 14 minutes; if you are just searching for analog channels, the process usually takes less than two minutes.