How to Get a Channel Guide for DIRECTV

By Hannington Dia

DirecTV channel guides are easy to find.
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DirecTV provides customers with hundreds of channels and programs to choose from. The digital satellite service officially has over 200 different networks. With all those choices, it can be hard to find what you want to watch. The channel guide can be your best friend in finding when your favorite TV shows are playing and on which stations. Guides are distributed through DirecTV affiliates online, the TV Guide Channel and through your remote's additional features.

Press the guide button on your DirecTV remote. Scroll through available listings one screen or channel at a time using the directional buttons. See a channel's specific shows by entering the channel number through the remote at the guide interface. Scroll through and see programming lists 36 hours ahead of their scheduled airings by holding down the right directional button.

Visit to see an online version of the channel guide. The website guide provides users with the most current programming. Scroll through the section showing days of the week and dates to see future programs up to 11 days in advance. Click on a program in the guide for a brief synopsis and option to record it to your receiver.

Visit channel 237 on your DirecTV to see the TV Guide Network. Wait for the programs you want to see as they appear on the network's scroll-down guide. Watch the top of the screen for free movie previews, celebrity news, TV show repeats and commercials. TV Guide is designed to show the respective channels of the current cable or satellite provider it is on.

Download a PDF version of the DirecTV channel guide at the official website. Choose from either the standard English guide or the Spanish guide.

Find a specific grouping of DirecTV channels at While not an exact replica of the DirecTV guide, the site provides short summaries of channels, dividing them by themes. For instance, channels 2 through 69 are local channels based on your zip code. Channels 201 through 379 are DirecTV basic channels, including MTV and ESPN.