Changing WordPress Directory Name

By Jason Spidle

WordPress is an open-source content-management system primarily used to host blogs. The WordPress software utilizes HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL databases to manage the content and design of the blog. These elements must be configured for the directory on your website in which WordPress is installed. Changing the WordPress installation directory will require modifying some of the configuration files to ensure that the blog continues to display correctly.

Step 1

Launch your FTP program and log in to your website.

Step 2

Create the directory into which you wish to move your WordPress installation.

Step 3

Launch your web browser.

Step 4

Navigate to your existing WordPress administrative page and log in.

Step 5

Select "Administration", "Settings" and "General".

Step 6

Change both the "WordPress Address (URI)" and "Blog Address (URI)" in the directory you created earlier.

Step 7

Select "Save settings".

Step 8

Re-open your FTP program.

Step 9

Move all of the WordPress files from the existing directory to the newly created directory.

Step 10

Re-open your browser.

Step 11

Navigate to the new location of your WordPress administrative page and login.

Step 12

Select "Administration", "Settings" and "Permalinks".

Step 13

Configure the permalink structure you utilize on your blog and click "Save settings" to ensure that your blog continues to display correctly.