Is Changing Your Verizon Number Free?

By Michelle Carvo

Updated September 18, 2017

Getting calls for your phone number's previous assignee? Change your number.
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There are many reasons to change your phone number including to stop receiving calls from specific numbers or to simply get a fresh start. Verizon allows you to change your phone number for free by using their online phone number changing tool. Before changing your phone number, consider all of the pros and cons.

Changing Your Number

You can change your Verizon number by logging into “My Verizon” on with your username and password. Click the “Change Mobile Number” link in “My Verizon” and then select the mobile number that you want to change. Click “Next” and then click “Get a new number.” Type in the ZIP code for your area or type in your city and state. This helps Verizon narrow down your phone number options to only those with a local area code. Click “Next” and then click “Submit”. Verizon assigns your new number based on your selected area code and three number prefix.

Effective Date For Changing Number

Verizon number changes don’t take effect immediately unless you want them to. Verizon allows you to select an effective date when going through the number change process online. The date you select is when your new number becomes active. You can select an effective date up to 30 days in advance. The effective date also impacts when your new phone number begins showing up on your future bills.


It is important to take into consideration the impact of changing your Verizon number on your mobile phone usage. The first aspect to consider is that your old number will no longer be in service and will not forward to your new number. This means you will need to give your new number out to your friends and family.

The second aspect to consider is what you will lose by changing. Unless you are using your cell phone’s built-in voicemail service, you may lose voicemail messages after changing numbers. You can avoid this loss by saving your voicemail messages. Things like text messages and other data on your phone are typically not affected by changing numbers.

Phone Not Working After Number Change

Although most phone number changes on Verizon go smoothly, some do not. If your phone has stopped working after changing your number, then you can usually resolve this problem by turning your phone off and then back on again. If your phone is a 4G phone you can then call “#832” to verify that the new number is working. Alternatively if your phone is a 3G phone, you can call “*228” and then press the “1” key to program the new number to your phone. Call “#832” to verify that the new number is fully functional.

If neither of these options fix your phone, call Verizon Wireless at 800-922-0204 to get the new number working on your Verizon phone.