Changing the Settings in the Android Gallery

By David Nield

The Gallery app is included by default on all Android-powered devices.
i Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Changing the Android Gallery app settings can help you manage your data usage, change how you view images, and change syncing options for Picasa and Google Plus. The Gallery app is one of the built-in programs supplied with Android that you can customize, and it links closely with the Google Account associated with the device. A limited selection of settings are available from within the app itself, while albums and other data can be modified by accessing the relevant Google service through a Web browser.

How the Gallery App Works

The Gallery app is used to store all of the photos and video captured by the mobile device. It can also be configured to sync with and show images from Google Plus and Picasa Web Albums if required. Images downloaded through the device's Web browser, screenshots, files transferred via Android Beam, and pictures taken in third-party apps such as Instagram are also available through the Gallery.

Changing the Settings

The Gallery app settings menu is accessed by tapping the menu icon (three vertical dots) and choosing "Settings." Through this settings menu you have the option to enable or disable automatic photo syncing between the device and your accounts on Google Plus and Picasa Web Albums. Under the "Data Usage Settings" headings you can opt to limit the syncing to times when a Wi-Fi connection has been established to reduce data usage on cellular networks. The Open-Source Licenses covering the Gallery app are available on the Settings page too.

Changing Gallery View

The Gallery app view is modified by tapping the "Albums" link at the top of the thumbnail mosaic and choosing an option from the menu. Pictures can be sorted by album, date and time, location, tag or person. Date, time and location data is embedded in pictures taken by the Android camera, but tags and people labels must be added manually for the pictures to be correctly sorted.

Google Plus and Picasa

With the photo sync option enabled, the default Android Gallery app syncs albums from the Picasa Web Albums and Google Plus services linked to the Google Account currently associated with the device. New images in the Gallery app can be automatically uploaded to Google Plus using the Google Plus Android app. From the Settings page of the Gallery app the current Google Account can be unlinked and removed if required, though this will affect other Google-related applications such as Gmail.