Changing Google Chrome's Color Screen to Black With Green Text

by Alan Sembera
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If you have trouble reading Web pages on a white background, Windows offers a high-contrast mode that allows you to view pages using a black background with text in green or another color. This special mode affects most Web browsers, but Google Chrome isn't one of them. To use high-contrast mode using Chrome, you will first have to install a free browser extension.

Step 1

Click the menu button on the Chrome toolbar. (The three horizontal lines to the right of the address bar.)

Step 2

Select "Settings," and then select the "Extensions" link in the left sidebar.

Step 3

Click either "Browse the Gallery" or "More Extensions" to go to the Chrome Web Store.

Step 4

Type "change colors" into the search field at the top-left corner of the screen, and then press the "Enter" key.

Step 5

Click the "Add to Chrome" button next to the listing for the "Change Colors" extension. Confirm your choice by clicking "Add" in the pop-up window.

Step 6

Go back to the Extensions page. (Click the menu button, "Settings," "Extensions.")

Step 7

Click the "Options" link under the "Change Colors" extension.

Step 8

Set "Use Web pages Colors" to "No."

Step 9

Click anywhere in the data field next to "Links Color." A color palette will appear. Click the palette to select the exact shade of green you want for your text. Use the preview box on the right side of the screen to see how the text looks on a black background. Use the slider next to the color palette to adjust the brightness of the color.

Click on the new "eyedropper" icon on the right side of you address bar, and select "Apply Override on All Pages." Navigate to another page to see the changes -- the extension doesn't affect the Chrome settings pages. You may have to reload the page.


  • If you encounter a Web page that is not readable with the new colors, you can click on the "eyedropper" icon and select "No Global Override on This Page" to revert back to the normal color scheme.

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