How to Change the Zone Setting on a Sony DVD Player

By Brandon Getty

Use your DVD player in any world region.
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On Sony and most other DVD players, the zone setting refers to the world region with which the device is associated. When this setting is enabled, the player will only read DVDs from the configured zone. If you want to watch DVDs from some other region, you must edit the zone setting on your player. This is accomplished by entering a unique code sequence on your remote.

Step 1

Locate a button on the remote labeled with an icon depicting a top hat. On most Sony remotes, this is the "magic key" that allows you to access your DVD player's configuration settings.

Step 2

Press and hold the button until a rabbit appears on the television screen. Select your DVD player's model name or corresponding icon, and then press the "DVD" button on your remote.

Step 3

Input "0533" when prompted, then press the "OK" button to set the code.

Step 4

Designate buttons 1 through 5 on the remote with the codes below by following the instructions displayed on the television screen. These codes should be entered in the order shown here:

00189, 00255, 00095, 00221, 00079

Step 5

Press the "Eject" button, and then press it again after the disc tray ejects to put the DVD player in standby mode.

Step 6

Press buttons 1 through 5 in consecutive order. Once the zone setting restriction has been removed, a "Success" notification appears on your television screen.