How to Change Your Yahoo! Sign-In Name

by Louise Balle

It's not uncommon to have a bit of "username regret" after you set up a Yahoo! account. Maybe you chose a name when you were young that describes a more personal side of yourself or contains unprofessional words, and you're tired of signing in and looking at that name on your dashboard. At the same time, you don't want to have to create a whole new Yahoo! account. No worries--if you want to change your Yahoo! sign-in name while keeping your current mailbox and other account information intact, you can create an alias.


Sign in to your Yahoo! email account as you would normally. Click "Options," then "Mail Options" on your Yahoo! dashboard.


Click "Accounts" on the left-hand sidebar. Choose "Add or edit an account" from the main window.


Select "Account Information" on the next screen. The system prompts you to sign in again with your password. This brings up the "Yahoo! Account Info" page.


Scroll down a bit and select "Manage your Yahoo! aliases." A new screen appears describing the purpose of having a Yahoo! alias.


Click "Add an alias" and type in a new name. This name has to be unique--no other Yahoo! user can have it. You may have to try a few names before the system accepts one.


Take note of your new alias name and click "Close."


Log out of your Yahoo! account. Log back in to your account with the new alias name.


  • check You can also use the alias to sign in to other Yahoo! services.
  • check If you don't want people to have your primary Yahoo! ID name when they instant message you, give them the alias. They can ping you on Yahoo! IM using that name.


  • close You cannot use an alias name with the "" to receive or send mail--only to sign in to Yahoo!.

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