How to Change a Yahoo Mobile Number

By Maya Walker

You must have access to your mobile phone to change your Yahoo Mobile number.
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When you log out of your Yahoo Messenger account, messages and alerts automatically go to your mobile phone number if it is associated with your account. You can change your Yahoo Mobile phone number if you have a new number or want to switch to a different device. New messages and alerts will be sent to the new number you designate after the change. Changes you make to the number take effect immediately.

Click the "Start" button on your computer and hover over "All Programs." Click "Yahoo Messenger" to open the program.

Log into your Yahoo account with your ID and password.

Click "Messenger" in the top menu and then click "Preferences."

Click "Edit Mobile Phone" to view the mobile settings for your Yahoo account.

Click "Delete" next to "Messenger Phone" and select "Remove Alerts for This Device." Click "Delete Device" and the phone number will be removed from your Yahoo Mobile account.

Click "Add Alerts Device" and advance to the next step.

Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number in the indicated field. Select your mobile service provider from the drop-down list and continue to the next step. A text message with a confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone.

Enter the confirmation code from the text message in the field indicated on Yahoo. Click "Confirm" to add the new number to your Yahoo Mobile account.