How to Change Word Documents to PDF Files

by Perry Piekarski

The PDF file format is practical and maintains the look and formatting of the original document while allowing it to be viewed by anyone using Adobe Reader, a free program found on most computers. Word documents, however, are not nearly as versatile. Changing a Microsoft Word document into a PDF is an easy process that only takes a few moments if you have the right software or an Internet connection.

Using Word 2007


Open the document you want to convert to a PDF in Microsoft Word 2007.


Click the Microsoft Office button at the top left corner of the window.


Move your cursor over "Save As" and click "PDF or XPS" in the "Save a Copy of the Document" menu that appears.


Name the file and choose the destination for it to save to (e.g., Desktop). Make sure it says "PDF" in the "Save File As:" box. Check the "Open File After Publishing" box if you want to review the PDF when the conversion is finished (Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer). Then click "Publish." The file will appear in the destination you sent it to as a PDF. The original document will also remain as a Word document in case you need to make further edits or want a backup.



Open your Internet browser and go to


Click "Convert Microsoft Word Documents to PDF."


Click "Browse" and find the Word document you want to convert. This will upload the document to the site.


Enter your email address, select your document quality, and click "Convert to PDF!"


Check the email account for the address you input earlier. Click the link in the email from ExpressPDF and select "Download Your PDF Document Here" to download your file.

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