How to Change a Word Document Into PDF Format

By Margaret Worthington

If you want to change a Microsoft Word document (*.doc format) into an Adobe PDF file, there are a variety of options you have. If you want to go the official route, you can purchase Adobe Acrobat, which will place a button in Microsoft Word to export your documents as PDFs. However, if you want a free solution, there are online and offline solutions you can use to change a Word document into PDF format.

Change Doc to PDF in OpenOffice

Step 1

Download the free, open-source OpenOffice software suite (see Resources). This software package includes "Writer," a word-processing program that has PDF export capabilities. Once downloaded, install OpenOffice on your computer.

Step 2

Start the OpenOffice Writer program. Click "File," select "Open" and open the Word document you want to change into a PDF file.

Step 3

Click the "PDF Creator" button on the menu bar or select the "File" button and then select the "Export as PDF" option.

Enter the settings for your PDF file, select a location to save it and click "Save." Your Word document will now be in PDF format.

Use an Online Converter

Step 1

Open a web browser and go to an online .doc to PDF conversion website (see Resources).

Step 2

Click the "Browse" button in the section of the website where you are asked to upload your Word document.

Step 3

Select the document and click "Open."

Click the "Convert" button on the online conversion website and wait for the PDF file to be generated. Depending on what type of website you use, a pop-up may appear asking you to download the file to your computer or you may be given a temporary link to visit that contains your PDF file.