How to Change a Word Doc to PDF

by Mark O'Brien

When you are writing documents in the Microsoft Word software, you can edit and adjust the content as you want. When you are satisfied with the material and want to make it un-editable so you can send it to others for reading, you will want to turn it into a PDF or Portable Document Format. A PDF file is perfect for things such as e-books and resumes, as you usually don't want the recipient to edit the content.


Open a Microsoft Word document.


Type the contents or material you want in the document.


Proofread the content in the Word document before you convert it to a PDF. You will still have the original Word document after you convert the it to a PDF, but you want the PDF to be perfect so you don't have to do it again.


Click the "File" tab on the top task bar of the Word document. Click "Save As" and click "PDF".


Name the PDF file in the "File Name" area. Click "Publish".

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