How to Change the Wireless Settings for an HP Photosmart Plus B209a (4 Steps)

By Todd Bowerman

Connect your printer to a wireless router for wireless network access.
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The HP Photosmart Plus B209 series of printers are capable of connecting to computers and other devices on your wireless network. However, the printers must have access to critical network information including the network name and password. If you've recently swapped out your router or updated your wireless settings, you'll need to adjust your printer's settings to match.

Step 1

Insert the HP Photosmart installation disc into your PC or laptop. If you no longer have the install disc, visit the official download page on HP's support site (see Resources), select your operating system, and then download the "HP Photosmart Plus All-in-One Printer series - B209 Full Feature Software and Driver" package.

Step 2

Open the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted, connect the computer to the printer with the included USB setup cable.

Step 3

Enter your wireless network information when prompted. The software will ask you to disconnect the USB cable while it tests the connection over your network.

Step 4

Install the software to all computers on the network once the printer successfully connects.