How to Change Windows Media Player to Play Region One DVDs

by Ryan Menezes
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Region One DVDs are made for United States and Canada markets. Other countries belong to different regions -–European countries use Region Two, for instance, and Southeast Asia makes up Region Three. Your DVD-ROM drive's region determines the region that Windows Media Player uses and prevents you from playing disks priced for a different part of the world. You can change your drive's region to play Region One DVDs, but you should only do this if you plan to only play Region One discs in the future.

Step 1

Click the Start button and type "device" into the Start menu search box. Click "Device Manager" to open the Device Manager window.

Step 2

Click "DVD/CD-ROM drives" to view a list of your installed disk drives.

Step 3

Right-click your DVD drive and click "Properties" to open its Properties dialog box. Click the box's "DVD Region" tab to open a list of countries.

Scroll to and select "United States" in the countries list and then click "OK" to change your drive's region, enabling Windows Media Player to play Region One DVDs.


  • Once you change to Region One, you can no longer play other regions' DVDs.
  • Your drive limits the number of times you can change its region. You can only change its region five times in total.


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