How to Change Your Voice on a Video

By MayankJ

There are a variety of reasons to change a voice in videos, such as changing the quality of a voice for effect or adjusting the sound of a voice for anonymity. Regardless of the reason, the methods of changing your voice on a video are similar. There are software programs available for editing the sound quality of a voice on the computer and making adjustments to the video.

Go online and open any downloading website, such as Old Apps or Software Geeks. (See Resources.) Type in "voice changing software" or the name of a specific program if you have one in mind.

Select a video voice changing program. Check that it is for video before downloading because some voice-changing software is designed for real-time gaming and talking on the computer rather than for video editing. Download the software of your choice.

Open the software and then open the video file or the audio for the video file if the audio and video are separate. Look over the available editing or adjustment options. Usually there are pitch- and speed-changing options available, though exact editing options will differ depending on the specific editor downloaded. Adjust the sound as you see fit by changing talking speed or pitch.