How to Change Your Voice on Movie Maker

By Kenyonda Bradley

Change your voice by editing the speed of your video on Windows Movie Maker.
i Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

Windows Movie Maker allows you to use photos to create slideshows or edit and create your own videos into mini movies. Additionally, you can add transitioning effects, music, text and change the sound of your voice by speeding up or slowing down the audio on your slideshow or movie. If you want to change your voice while using Windows Movie Maker, you can do so by adding the effect to your media clip.

Click the "Start" icon on your desktop followed by "All Programs." Double-click "Windows Movie Maker" to launch the program.

Continue editing a previous project by clicking the file name in the right side panel or click "Import" and select the video clips that you want to edit from your computer or digital device.

Click the "Check box" in the upper-left corner for each video clip that you want to use in your movie. Navigate to the "Create" tab, located in the "Share" group and click "Movie."

Navigate to the "Add" group from the Home screen. Click "Add videos and photos." Hold down the "Ctrl" key and click the videos that need to have your voice changed in them.

Click the video. Navigate to the "Video Tools" section. Click the "Edit" tab, in the "Adjust" group.

Click the "Speed" list, and select a speed. If you want the sound of your voice to become deeper and more sluggish then slow down the clip. If you want the sound of your voice to become higher and squeakier then speed up the clip.