How to Change a Voice Mail Password

by Meaghan Ellis

The process of changing your voice mail password is the act of creating a new numerical code to access your cell phone's voice mail messages. It is actually a lot easier than most people think. In fact, you can change your voice mail password just by following automated assistance prompts from your cell phone carrier. All you really need to know is how to navigate through the system to get the job done.

Contact the customer service automated system for your cell phone carrier. Every cell phone carrier has a different customer service number that is coded in your cell phone. (For example, codes like *2 and #611 are customer service codes for Sprint and Verizon, respectively.)

Enter your cell phone account's standard information when prompted. In most cases, you will only be asked to enter your cell phone number and ZIP code into your cell phone's keypad. Type this information only when you are prompted to.

Choose the numeric option designated for changing a voice mail password. Listen to all of the automated options and press the numeric key that represents help with your voice mail.

When prompted, enter your current voice mail password into your phone's keypad. Press the # key on your phone's keypad once you have entered your voice mail password.

Create a new numeric password. Type your new numeric voice mail password into your phone's keypad. Follow the specific additional directions given by your automated system to lock in your new password.

Save your new settings. The automated system will prompt you to re-enter your new numeric password. Type the password into your keypad once again and press whichever key the system tells you will confirm your new password.


  • close Every cell phone carrier's password-changing process may be different. If you cannot complete the process, you may need to inquire with your cell phone carrier for further assistance.

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