How to Change the Voice on a Kindle

by Julius Vandersteen

With the Kindle from Amazon, you can download e-books via the Internet and read them while you’re on the go. The device has a feature that converts text to audible speech so that your Kindle can read e-books to you, which is convenient if you are unable to focus your attention on the screen, for example, or if you have difficulty seeing. The Kindle’s default voice for text-to-speech is male. You can change the voice the Kindle uses to read e-books aloud by adjusting the text-to-speech settings.

Step 1

Power on your Kindle and open the book that you want the device to read aloud.

Step 2

Press the “Text” button on the Kindle; this button is marked “Aa.”

Step 3

Press the five-way controller to highlight and then select “Turn On” next to “Text-to-Speech.” The device will start reading the text in a male voice.

Step 4

Press the “Text” button once more.

Press the five-way controller to highlight “Female” and then select it to change the Kindle voice to female.


  • The “Text-to-Speech” option on the Kindle is grayed out and unavailable for books whose publishers do not allow the use of text-to-speech on the device.

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