How to Change Visited Link Text Color

by Contributor

Computers come with defaults for everything from page displays to text color to the size and shape of the words you see. Choose your preference by changing these defaults. When you visit a page, you can see the link displayed as a color. After you visit it, the link changes color.

Open your web browser. Once your window is open you can see some words across the top of the screen that say "File," "Edit," "View," "Favorites," "Tools," and "Help." Click on "Tools."

Click on "Tools" to get a drop down box. Choose "Internet Options" from this dropdown box. This opens a new window, and you should be on the "General Tab."

Select "Colors" from the "General Tab" on the "Internet Options" screen. This screen opens. If it doesn't, select "General," then "Colors."

Decide what color you would like to have your visited text color to be. Change the color by clicking on the "Visited Links" button color, which indicates the present or default color. When you click on this, a new window opens with every color that is available. Change the color to the color of your choice by clicking on that color.

Test your new color by closing out of the tools section and surfing the Internet. If you decide you don't want to keep your new color for visited text links, change it to another color or back to the original color.

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