How to Change My Verizon Prepaid to a Contract But Still Have the Same Number (4 Steps)

By Chang Lin

Terminating services may cost a fee.
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Although some people prefer the flexibility of a "prepaid" service over a traditional, two-year contract, there are certain advantages to having a contract-based service. Not only can you receive more discounts for advanced smartphones with a long-term contract, your rates are also locked in when you sign up, which means the amount you pay does not fluctuate as it does with the Verizon prepaid service. If you want to make the switch from prepaid to contract, but don't want the hassle of notifying your friends and family about a phone number change, Verizon allows you to keep your current phone number.

Step 1

Finish using all your minutes on your current Verizon prepaid account. Once you decide to make the change, call the Verizon customer service sales line at 1-866-256-4646, or go to your local Verizon Wireless store.

Step 2

Provide the Verizon representative with the primary account holder's name, address, account number and cellphone number. You can find the Verizon account number on your monthly Verizon wireless bill.

Step 3

Ask the representative to switch from Verizon prepaid service to a Verizon contract service. You will need to choose from a number of different plans, ranging from individual to family contract plans. Since each plan is different in terms of the number of monthly minutes, texts and data, it is important to choose a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Step 4

Tell the Verizon representative you would like to keep the same phone number. Since Verizon uses SIM card technology, you will be able to keep the same phone number even if you decide to switch plans or phones. You will receive a new SIM card with the same phone number programmed into it.