How to Change a Verizon Email Address

by Contributor

You need to change your Verizon email address. You may need a more professional-sounding address, one that is easier to remember or just don't like the one you have. You cannot change the address you originally submitted with your account sign-up, but you can create what's called an email alias. With an email alias you can create another email address name, and your email will be forwarded to your original email address.

Sign into your Verizon account. When you get to the Verizon Central Page (see Resources below), click on "Sign In" either in the red "Verizon Central" bar or in the Communications Center. You will need to give your username and password.

Go to "My Account." After you have signed in, click on the "My Account" tab located just under the red Verizon Central bar. You can also click on the "Email and More" tab, then "Email Tools" on the side bar.

Look for "Email Settings." You can either click it on the side bar or you scroll down to "Email Settings" under your account settings.

Click on "Create An Email Alias" and you will be taken to another page. Here you will be asked to fill in a box marked "Create An Email Alias." Fill in the desired alias and click "Submit." You have now created a new email alias.


  • check If you use Outlook or Netscape to receive and send email, you may need to change your settings so that your recipients see your alias.

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