How to Change Your Tweeter Name

By William Pullman

Twitter automatically checks if your new username is already taken.
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Each Twitter account has a username, which is unique to the account, and a display name, which more than one account can use. Usernames are sometimes obscure and do not provide any indication of the user, whereas the display name is often the user's name. You can change both the username and display name as needed through the Twitter account settings. You can change either name multiple times.


Step 1

Log in to your Twitter account and click the Settings (gear) icon. Click "Settings."

Step 2

Delete the current username and enter the new username you want to use. The message "Available" appears above the new name, if it's available. Otherwise you'll receive a message that the name is already taken, and you'll have to enter a different name.

Step 3

Click "Save Changes." A confirmation message appears.

Step 4

Enter your Twitter password and click "Save Changes" to finish changing your Twitter username.

Display Name

Step 1

Log in to your Twitter account. Click the Settings (gear) icon and select "Edit Profile."

Step 2

Delete the name in the "Name" text box, and then enter the replacement name.

Step 3

Click "Save Changes" to update your profile.