How to Change Tracfone SIM Cards (9 Steps)

By Edward Thomas

i Paula Bronstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A SIM card is a small plastic card that is used to save cell phone data. Account information, contacts and even saved text messages are stored on this card. Each card has a different serial number, which is registered with the cell phone provider. If a cell phone is broken, it is possible to place the SIM card from the broken phone into a new phone and retrieve most of the saved information.

Step 1

Obtain a new SIM card from Tracfone or use the SIM card from the old cell phone from which you are upgrading.

Step 2

Remove the battery cover. The battery cover is located on the back of the phone.

Step 3

Remove the battery. Use your fingernail to gently lift the battery. Once lifted, remove the battery and place it in a safe place, free from magnetic sources.

Step 4

Locate the SIM card. The SIM card will be a small plastic card (often white) and will be under a metal sleeve.

Step 5

Push the SIM card from the metal sleeve until it is completely removed. Use your fingernails to begin the extraction process instead of a tool.

Step 6

Insert the new SIM card, metal sensors down, into the sleeve.

Step 7

Replace the battery.

Step 8

Replace the battery cover.

Step 9

Turn on the phone to confirm that the SIM card is properly installed. If the SIM card is not properly installed, you will receive an alert stating you need to insert the SIM card.